How to Safely Remove Gel Polish/Dip Powder

Step 1: Wash those hands!

Step 2: Buff
File off the top coat and 50 percent of your gel or dip color. Your polish should lose its shine, but you shouldn’t be hitting your natural nail. Be careful not to overfile your nails; if it starts to hurt or burn stop.

Step 3: Wrap your Nails
Open your pre-soaked Foil Remover Wraps. Make sure the pad is saturated with acetone and that the pad is touching the nail. Then wrap the tip of each finger in foil, folding over the tip to lock it in place.

*If by chance the soak off pad is dry, pull out the pad, soak it with acetone and slide it back into the foil wrap.

Step 4: Sit back and relax
Soak for at least 15-20 minutes while having a well-deserved rest.

Step 5: Remove Product
After soaking the gel or dip it should be easily lifting and crumbling away from the nail. If your polish still looks stuck, sit for an extra 10 minutes.

Pull the foil off, one nail at a time. Then, use your orangewood stick to gently push off gel.  Wipe away any lingering residue with alcohol or acetone.

Step 6: Nourish those nails!
The hard part is over; now it’s time to nourish those hands and cuticles!

Apply our Hydrating cuticle oil all over your natural nails. If you notice any excess base coat or dehydration hanging around, lightly use the buffer to gently buff it away.