Our Story

Mindful Mani is a mobile beauty concept that merges conscious beauty practices and innovative design. Our mission: To elevate the nail industry standards and more so to “Transform Experiences, One Mani at a Time.”  Providing a mindful experience through process, person, product, and proficiency.

Our Founder 

Hi Gem! My name is Lauren Johnson aka Lauren Alyssa; I am a 28-year-old creative entrepreneur and manicurist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
Five years ago, God placed a dream in my heart. That dream was to open a nail salon, not just any kind of nail salon but a conscious one, a salon that specialized in curating unique, innovative manicures with memorable experiences. During this time, I reflected on my passion for nails and personal frustrations of patronizing nail salons and not feeling appreciated or valued. I embraced the possibility and triumph of turning a passion into a purpose but also encountered the trial of a personal mental health battle. Therapy helped me to prioritize my mental health challenges and to understand how appreciation and value can impact one’s life. With the help of therapy, God and a desire to fulfill my passion, the concept of a mindful manicure experience emerged and gave birth to Mindful Mani. 

The rest is history!