Our Difference


Proving that a conscious and creative beauty experience can coexist.
Mindful Mani is a haven for women and men seeking a cool, pampering experience without harmful and toxic chemicals. Nail care is an example of self-care, which celebrates the connection between beauty and wellness. 


The safety of our guests and the well-being of our staff are important to us and we are proud to be an ethical beauty provider.

But what does that mean?

To us, ethical beauty is:

paying our employees a fair, living wage - legally

using the best products in our services and minimizing potentially harmful ingredients whenever possible

following safe beauty practices in all of our services, never sacrificing someone's health and safety for any reason


Our manicurists are trained to provide nail care using safe and sanitary techniques.

We offer a clean salon menu using the finest non-toxic nail lacquers in the industry. 

In addition to our priority of safety and cleanliness, Mindful Mani is a certified Safe Salon®. which means our staff has undergone extensive training on safe and healthful nail care.


We recognize client uniqueness and celebrate the many definitions of beauty.

Our creative nail artists help clients navigate the latest trends. Our goal is to create the custom, one of a kind look you desire.